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You deserve real results. With tools such as full feature evaluations, personalized feedback, and flexible scheduling, there is no way you can lose! Find out how top performers like you get the solutions to their communication challenges.

“Working with Michael's Business English has been very helpful. I feel confident in voicing my opinion and I feel okay when I make mistakes."
Marketing Database Analyst
"They promptly convinced me that they understood my individual needs, and more specifically, the unique needs of newcomers to the United States."
Desktop Engineer
“After only a month, my spoken English has improved dramatically. I feel the lift in confidence is the main factor to my increased ability. “
Martial Arts Gym Owner

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How Important Are Communication Skills?

93% of employers said, “A demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is important.”

40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year.

As corporations in the USA continue to count on overseas resources to solve various issues in the workplace, employees and employers are running into multiple significant communication & cultural barriers which cause miscommunications and misunderstandings. Projects go over budget and take significantly longer than expected to complete. Employees are afraid to speak up and employers don’t know how to communicate with non-native English speakers.

If you are an individual looking forward to working in the corporate English speaking countries, or you are an organization that focuses on employing a lot of non-native English speakers, it is essential to acquire appropriate language training and communication skills needed to exceed and compete with the competition.

Who We Serve

For Individuals

Get quality private instruction on your time with flexible scheduling, a full length placement test and custom learning plans to improve your proficiency and communication skills as fast as possible.

For Corporations

From complete beginners to highly advanced, we have resources that cover all types of students, for all sorts of scenarios. We'll design multiple program options based on your requirements.

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