For Corporations

Full Service Language and Communications Training

Ensure your team members have the training and resources they need to achieve fluency and master their communication skills.

We have language training programs that are accessible to all levels of your staff, including complete beginners, regardless of their background or experience, with English as Second Language lessons. Our school collaborates with you and your main contacts to seamlessly, quickly, and effectively design and build out customized learning plans for personnel.

Our language training programs can be personalized to focus on specific skills to prepare your people for various situations. The progress of all students is tracked and available for reporting, and we offer certificates for graduation and evidence of achievements.

We provide several types of programs with unique offerings that are exclusive for the preference of your staff.

online learning

Never worry about logistics again. Students can take lessons on any internet enabled device, and can review previous lessons.

progress reports

Detailed status updates to see the ROI of your investment and various KPI of students, as well as graded certificates.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that last minute emergencies happen. Students are able to freely schedule and reschedule lessons on their own.

Graded Homework

Lock in learning through additional assignments that students can complete on their own time with instructor feedback.

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Frequently asked questions

This varies; typically we have all participants take our ESL Placement Test before the program officially begins, so we can build a learning plan based on the results of the test. However, if there are any speicic requests, we will adapt and accomdate to support the students.

We use GoToMeeting for video teleconference, which allows us to record and transcribe the lesson. We also use Off2Class and ESL Library for the curriculum and homework. For storing files and other data, we use MySchoolBooks.

It typically takes an average of 200 hours of consistent learning in order to improve a student’s proficiency level in English. We use the CEFR, along with our ESL Placement Test, to gauge each student’s proficiency level and to provide a recommendation of the number of hours required. 

All of our teachers are TEFL/TESOL Certified. This is a standard requirement in our industry. 

For starters, we utilize quality learning materials that are used internationally by various language schools, as opposed to creating our content or using free or cheap materials. This includes programs such as Off2Class, Busy Teacher and ESL Library. 

Secondly, we record and transcribe our lessons; this is done so that students can have access to the lesson they were a part of anytime they need a refresher or review. Managers also have access to these recordings as well. The majority of our lessons include graded homework, so that students can receive custom feedback from their instructor. 

We also provide a full length (almost 2 hours worth) ESL Placement Test which analyzes each student’s proficiency in grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing, and provides a comprehensive gap analysis and learning plan, so students can work on the lessons they need right away, instead of simply learning what they already know, or may not need.

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