For the English Lessons, including test preparation classes such as TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS, most of our material will come from Off2Class, as well as TEFL Educator, Busy Teacher, ESL Library and the Ultimate ESL Teaching Manuals.

For Accent Reduction, we utilize the textbook, “Speak with Distinction”, and we will utilize other resources based on the ethnicity of our student.

We also create custom material for our students to replicate and personalize real-life scenarios as closely as possible so that you can prepare and exceed in these situations. Examples include interview preparation that is specific to your industry or career, role plays with challenging co-workers and management, customized feedback for your such as resume, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

You will receive login credentials for the website: This site includes information such as e-mail history, class schedule, summaries from previous classes, and homework assignments.

We also will curate a variety of recommended resources based on your interests that we think you will find helpful such as “Crucial Conversations”, “You Say More Than You Think”, “Never Eat Alone”, “Strength Finders 2.0”, etc.

Finally, you will receive various homework assignments, so that when you are not in a class with me, you will have the opportunity to continue to work on your English language skills.

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