EP40: How To Break Into Ed-tech and Non-profits As An International Student with Iris Guo

Learn the secrets for breaking into these fields!

Iris Guo is an international student from China who came to Canada alone with a big dream of changing the world. Iris has held multiple internships in the EdTech and nonprofit fields. Today she’s going to share her story and strategy for how others can break into ed tech and nonprofits!

What We Talked About:

  • Iris’s background (01:24)                                   
  • How Iris discovered her interest in ed-tech and non-profits and how she landed her internships (4:00)
  • The major challenges Iris faced in her career and how she overcame them (12:50)
  • Iris’s job search process that got her 5 offers from 100 applications (21:34)
  • Iris’s final thoughts to help motivate our listeners to achieve their dreams of getting into ed-tech and non-profits (27:44)

Resources Mentioned:

Next Steps:

Send her a personalized connection request on Linkedin, letting her know you heard her on the podcast.

Iris Guo

Iris Guo

Product @ BlackBerry Labs, OpenMeal | ex-KuzoClass | Storytelling in Non-profit

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