EP38: Build a (Pro-bono) Marketing Agency with Amy Zhou and Devanshi Mehta

How these college students got marketing experience by building their own agency.

Amy and Devanshi are the co-founders of Gaucho Creative, UC Santa Barbara’s first and only pro-bono marketing group, specializing in digital and creative strategy. They partner with small to medium size businesses and nonprofits to create marketing strategies with data-driven results. Their team consists of diverse and goal-oriented students at UC Santa Barbara, dedicated to delivering the highest quality marketing campaigns for their clients

What We Talked About:

  • Amy and Devanshi’s background (01:40)                          
  • How they discovered their interest in building a pro-bono marketing agency (4:37)
  • The process for setting up and building their agency (11:08)
  • The challenges and roadblocks they faced and how they overcame them (18:52)
  • Their major breakthroughs in their agency and how they onboard clients (25:12)
  • Amy and Devanshi’s final thoughts to help motivate listeners for their career development (35:15)

Resources Mentioned:

For companies looking for marketing help, apply to work with Gaucho Creative here:

Learn more about Gaucho Creative here:

Next Steps:

Send them a personalized connection request on Linkedin, letting them know you heard them on the podcast.

Amy Zhou

Amy Zhou

Co-Founder @ Gaucho Creative | Comm Lead @ OpenMeal | Marketing @ Amazon

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Devanshi Mehta

Devanshi Mehta

Co-Founder @ Gaucho Creative |Advertiser Solutions Intern @ Snapchat | Honors Student @ UC Santa Barbara | Business Strategy

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