EP37: The Power of Mentors with Jonathan Tesser

A VP shares his experiences and breakthroughs his mentees have gone through

VP Research, Insights & Analytics, Jonathen Tesser comes on the show to talk about the power of mentorship. As a career whisperer for young professionals, Jonathan intimately understands the challenges his mentees face.

What We Talked About:

  • Jonathan’s background (1:49)                                    
  • How Jonathan discovered his interest in mentorships (3:53)
  • What a mentor does and how its different from coaching (9:51)
  • The challenges and misconceptions young professionals have around the job search and on the job (17:52)
  • Some of the major insights Jonathan’s mentees have had (21:00)
  • Jonathan’s final thoughts to help motivate listeners to be more vulnerable and grow (26:25)

Resources Mentioned:

If you’re looking to work with Jonathan, check out his website here: https://www.tesstimony.net/

Next Steps:

Send him a personalized connection request on Linkedin, letting him know you heard him on the podcast.

Jonathan Tesser

Jonathan Tesser

VP Research, Insights and Analytics at NYC & Company

Career Whisperer for Young Professionals

LinkedIn Content Enthusiast

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