EP34: How your first job after college affects your career with Daniel Botero

Mastering college to career with this best selling author

Daniel helps 1st generation and minority college students receive internships/job offers from hundreds of Fortune 500 Companies and is the founder of Mastering College To Career. 

What We Talked About:

  • Daniel’s Background (2:25)                                   
  • How Daniel discovered his interest in starting up Mastering College to Career (4:45)
  • Why your first job out of college sets the tone for your future career.  (9:48)
  • The challenges and misconceptions college students have around the job search and getting the first job after graduation (16:28)
  • Why there’s no consistency for career advice (22:00)
  • One thing Daniel wishes college students knew but never ask that would radically transform their career development (25:56)
  • What final thoughts do you have to help motivate our listeners to be successful in their job search and career? (27:50)

Resources Mentioned:

Mastering College to Career: A Modern Guide To Landing Your Dream Job Before GraduationDaniel Botero
Power Ties:The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States, Dan Beaudry::

Next Steps:

Send him a personalized connection request on Linkedin, letting him know you heard him on the podcast.

Daniel Botero

Daniel Botero

#1 best selling author, course creator and host of a top-rated podcast Mastering College To Career, Daniel has dedicated himself to showing college students the path out of debt and into their dream job.

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