EP28: Growing to Help Others Grow with Teresa Ling

Learn about common misconceptions in the job search

Business Analyst, Project Manager and Consultant Teresa Ling comes on the show to talk about the challenges and misconceptions college graduates have when learning how to job search.

What We Talked About:

  • Teresa’s background (1:55)
  • How did Teresa discover her interest in consulting (2:50)
  • Why students feel conditioned to get recruiters attention and impress them (3:45)
  • The challenges college students face when it comes to job searching (5:42)
  • The insights Teresa’s gained while searching for career advice (11:00)
  • Why Teresa has started working on projects to get experience (12:35)
  • Major mistakes Teresa made during her job search and what she learned from them (18:30)
  • Teresa’s next steps/future plans (22:58)

Resources Mentioned:


Next Steps:

Send her a personalized connection request on Linkedin, letting her know you heard her on the podcast.

Teresa Ling

Teresa Ling

Business Analyst | Project Manager | Outhrive Fellow | SRC Strategy

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