EP27: The two essential job seeker tools no one talks about with Austin Belcak

Could these be the secrets to landing job offers on demand?

Director of Partnerships at Microsoft and founder of Cultivated Culture – Austin Belcak comes on the show to talk about his signature job seeker tools that have allowed him and his clients to get into hyper competitive roles…from non-traditional backgrounds

What We Talked About:

  • Austin’s background (2:12)
  • How Austin discovered these unconventional strategies (5:40)
  • How Austin’s able to pick and choose where he wants to interview (18:52)
  • Austin’s Value Validation Project and why its so effective for job searching with for (29:44)
  • Concerns and challenges regarding the Value Validation Project and Austin’s solutions (41:25)
  • Austin’s final thoughts (50:20)

Resources Mentioned:

Value Validation Project Samples: https://cultivatedculture.com/value-validation-project/

Cold Email (Including template: https://cultivatedculture.com/how-to-get-a-job-anywhere-no-connections/

His website has multiple free tools including ResyBullet.io, which lets you audit your resume.

Next Steps:

Send him a personalized connection request on Linkedin, letting him know you heard him on the podcast.

Austin Belcak

Austin Belcak

Director of Partnerships at Microsoft

Founder of Cultivated Culture

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