EP25: Monthly Overview August 2020

This month we cover career development strategies and how to become a top performer to future-proof your career

This month we cover career development strategies and how to become a top performer to future-proof your career. We also talk about how to self-sponsor a green card, how to break into design from a non-traditional background and how to find your voice.

What To Expect This Month:

  • Maya Grossman – VP Marketing, Consultant at Google and Microsoft, Author of Invaluable, talks about the essential career skills to excel in your career.
  • Austin Belcak from Cultivated Culture talks about the strategy behind cold emailing and using Value Validation Projects 
  • Teresa Ling, recent college graduate, talks about the reality of the current situation for young job seekers. My favorite quote: “We have been conditioned to get the recruiters attention and impress them.”
  • Minh Nguyen shares strategies and experiences in his (including talking to law firms) attempt to get a job in the USA. A merit-based self-sponsored green card holder through research service for the US Department of Energy, this episode is all about sponsorship.
  • Alvin Meledath, a Wonsulting Community Lead, a Linkedin Learning Champion, and all around amazing dude, talks about how finding your voice improves your career.
  • Grace Ling, founder of Design Buddies and UX Design Intern at Electronic Arts, shares how to get into design from a non-traditional background.
  • Hani Rukh Qamar shares how immigrant women can find support in their new country, She’s the founder of the Canadian Advisory of Women Immigrants, a non-profit with a mission to support immigrant women with their careers,

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Next Steps:

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