EP24: The Substitute for Hard Work with Shivangi Dharne & Tanish Islam

Turns out hustle culture isn't the way to go.

Working hard isn’t always the solution. Tedx speaker Shivangi Dharne and her friend and mentor Tanish Islam come on the show to talk about their experiences and learnings about the truth about hard work.

What We Talked About:

  • Shivangi & Tanish’s background (2:15)
  • What is the substitute for hard work and how did they discovered it (3:35)
  • Why is it the substitute for hard work important and what are the consequences (10:35)
  • What are the roadblocks they faced and how they overcame them (18:50)
  • Shivangi & Tanish’s final thoughts to motivate our listeners (33:58)

Resources Mentioned:

Shivangi’s article: The Substitute To Hard Work 

Shivangi’s Class of 2020 Group: Join the group here

Next Steps:

Send them a personalized connection request on Linkedin, letting them know you heard them on the podcast.

Shivangi Dharne

Shivangi Dharne

TEDx Speaker | Class of 2020 Podcast

Tanish Islam

Tanish Islam

Engineer and Problem Solver

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