EP22: Carving Your Own Path to Product Management with Henrika Lim

How an international job seeker landed a Product Manager role despite coming from a non-traditional background.

International Job Seeker, Product manager at Poly and co-founder of Product Buds Henrika Lim comes on the show to do a deep dive on how non-traditional job seekers can make their way into a career in Product Management.

What We Talked About:

  • Henrika’s background (1:34)
  • Henrika’s mission (5:35)
  • How Henrika ended up in Product Management (11:15)
  • The roadblocks Henrika faced and how she overcame them (15:48)
  • How Henrika landed a full-time Product Manager position  (26:13)
  • What is Product Buds and why aspiring Product Managers should care (30:50)
  • Henrika’s final thoughts (39:22)
  • Henrika’s process for building her network (42:00)

Resources Mentioned:

Next Steps:

Send her a personalized connection request on Linkedin, letting her know you heard her on the podcast.

If you are interested in product management who wants to find PM buddies to grow with, go to bit.ly/joinproductbuds to join a global community of passionate aspiring PMs!

Henrika Lim

Henrika Lim

Product Manager at Poly

Co-founder of Product Buds, helping to sprout, grow and flourish the next generation of Product Managers.

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